A mission statement is a reminder to yourself and your team what the goals & values of your practice are.  It drives your decision making and keeps you on track toward those goals.  It brings consistency to those decisions.

Every successful company has one – go ahead, google your favorite company + mission statement.  I personally like Nike’s because it is simple, yet powerful:

“To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.  *If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Do your goals seem too ambitious? GREAT, AIM HIGH! Big goals get big results.

Once you have a mission or vision statement, you need to post it where all your staff can see it DAILY.  It sends the message of THIS is what we’re doing now.  THIS is the path that I want our practice on.  THIS is what our patients should see and feel when they come to our office.  THIS is the filter through which we make our decisions. They should all know it by heart.

From the outside, your practice is going to look the same at first.  Then, little by little, decision by decision, it will evolve into the practice you envisioned with your mission statement.  It will be a standing testament to the goals and values you set out for yourself.  You will have manifested the practice of your DREAMS.

And when you reach that place, it will be time to revisit your goals, set a new bar, and continue to EVOLVE.

At The Practice | Beverly Hills, our mission statement is:

“The Practice | Beverly Hills is on a mission to make it unimaginable for anyone to go to a dental office other than ours.  We will always be the go-to office for patients who value the highest quality dental care alongside an unparalleled customer service experience.”

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