About Dr. Stacey Cohen

Dr. Stacey Cohen is a practicing cosmetic restorative dentist in Beverly Hills, CA.

Month End Checklist

It's a new month and that means it's time to complete our month end tasks!  We complete these tasks so [...]

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The Top 5 Reasons You Need an Office Manual NOW

Why is McDonald’s So Successful?  Be like McDonald’s. No, I don’t mean give your patients atherosclerosis.  McDonald’s has been able [...]

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5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Post

Social media is everywhere, and everyone is on it, including your grandma.  Your practice should be on it too.  It [...]

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Do I Have “Sucker” Written on my Forehead?

You work hard → You have success → Monetary rewards This is what we expect, right?  Money is not the [...]

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Mission Statements are the OG Vision Boards

A mission statement is a reminder to yourself and your team what the goals & values of your practice are.  [...]

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Who We Are

We’re Stacey and Dustin Cohen, dentists and MBAs! Ever since we met in dental school, we have shared a [...]

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