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Dr. Stacey Cohen is a practicing cosmetic restorative dentist in Beverly Hills, CA.

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Post

Social media is everywhere, and everyone is on it, including your grandma.  Your practice should be on it too.  It is a way for patients to get to know you and check out your skills, especially if you're offering any sort of orthodontic or cosmetic services.  It is free marketing [...]

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Do I Have “Sucker” Written on my Forehead?

You work hard → You have success → Monetary rewards This is what we expect, right?  Money is not the only goal, and might not even be the first goal, but it is definitely part of the appeal of being a dentist and owning your own business.  This is why [...]

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Mission Statements are the OG Vision Boards

A mission statement is a reminder to yourself and your team what the goals & values of your practice are.  It drives your decision making and keeps you on track toward those goals.  It brings consistency to those decisions. Every successful company has one - go ahead, google your favorite [...]

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Who We Are

We’re Stacey and Dustin Cohen, dentists and MBAs! Ever since we met in dental school, we have shared a passion for dental practice management and knew that helping other dentists run their practices was going to be part of our journey. ⁣ We are the owners of @thepracticebeverlyhills, a [...]

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